Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SHAUN DEGRAFF -- Living the Dream

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Picture this.  You're a pianist-musician/artist/songwriter.  Then a visit to your doctor drops the bomb on your fate that you'll never be able to play piano again.  Then the biggest fan of your life -- your Mom, passes away.  

There are no words for this pain and loss.

Shaun Degraff was lost...Til one day, a dream woke him up from what can be said as his nightmarish-state.  He sprung back to life -- pounded on the ivory keys again, and lived the dream of performing with one of his childhood heroes, Stevie Wonder.  It's true -- in 2009, he shared the live stage with Stevie.  And as if these were not enough, Shaun toured all over the world performing, collecting praises and awards for his works and performed as well with Regina Spektor, The Eels, Chaka Khan.  

Shaun De Graff describes his music as:
 ‘Avant-pop with soaring dreamy melodies, experimental production and a danceable beat’.

His album "Grey Area" takes you to beautiful plane where slumber meets dreams, and life meets re-birth, then  inspiration meets passion.. Ethereal yet you could still feel your feet touching the ground.  The electronica sound takes you on a trip, but  the b-boy beats will keep you on the floor.

Shaun De Graff’s sublime album ‘Grey Area’ is available at iTunes, distributed by JMD Records and INgrooves (a partner of Universal Music Group.)

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VISIT his Official Website: http://www.shaundegraff.com

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